Position category:Administration manager

1. Management, business management, human resources management related professional college education;
2. More than 3 years working experience in administrative work;
3. Have the relevant knowledge and ability of administration, familiar with the relevant national personnel laws and regulations;
4. Familiar with administrative work flow;
5. Have good organizational coordination skills;
6. Proficient in using office software systems.

Position category:Network administrator

1. Bachelor degree or above, 2 years working experience in management positions;1. Secondary school and above, more than 2 years working experience in management positions;
2. Master the basic theory of computer application, basic knowledge of enterprise management knowledge;
3. Familiar with the maintenance of office system data, computer and print equipment maintenance, network maintenance and website establishment, to ensure the smooth operation of enterprise network communication transmission;
4. Familiar with national network security related laws and regulations;
5. Have a good organization and coordination of communication skills, team spirit, can withstand greater work pressure.

Position category:Plastic technician

1. Secondary and above, more than 2 years relevant experience in injection molding industry;
2. Familiar with the injection molding process, with plastic products transfer machine work experience, can independently analyze and deal with plastic production anomalies;
3. Have a strong concept of product quality management, good organization and coordination of communication skills;
4. Familiar with cartography, office software related operating skills.

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